Public Safety

Fire Fighters Photo Shoot (1)Keeping Alaskans safe is a critical priority. That is why I have a strong record of being tough on crime and making sure local law enforcement has the tools they need to keep our streets safe. I sponsored legislation to:

  • Make human or sex trafficking within Alaska a crime (SB 117 and HB 359)
  • Force sex offenders and child kidnappers to register email addresses and IP addresses along with their home address (SB 185)
  • Increase penalties for crimes committed against children (SB 210)
  • Create tougher penalties for sex offenders and child kidnappers who provide alcohol to individuals under 21 years of age (SB 15)
  • Require convicted gang members to be on electronically monitored when on probation (HB 133) 

Fighting for Victims RightsBW and HF smiling5

I supported legislation to:

  • Give victims the right to a speedy trial (SB 135)
  • Allow magistrates to grant protective orders in cases of sexual assault and stalking (HB 307)
  • Require law enforcement to hold on to DNA evidence in unsolved cases (SB 110)
  • Increase the limit for violent crime emergency compensation by over 130% (SB 266)
  • Stiffen penalties on crimes committed at shelters (HB 213)

Building Safer Communities

Keeping our streets safe requires state-of-the-art technology and facilities.  That’s why I voted to support funding for capital investments that will protect our community.

  • fire station croppedRelocation and upgrade of Fire Station 6 in Muldoon: $6 million
  • Relocation and upgrade of Fire Station 3 in Airport Heights: $6 million
  • Anchorage Police Department Electronic System Upgrades: $4 million
  • Anchorage Police Department Outdoor Storage Expansion: $3.8 million
  • Tasers and Rifles for the Anchorage Police Department: Over $500,000
  • Anchorage Fire Department Equipment Upgrades: Over $2.2 million
  • Community Patrols and Crime Watch programs in the district: Over $100,000

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