Anchorage is home to 223 parks (10,946 acres) including neighborhood, community, special use and natural resource parks. We also have over 250 miles of trails (135 miles paved), 110 athletic fields, 5 pools, 11 recreation centers and 82 playgrounds. Each new park is developed by working with the community to meet that area’s particular needs.

Nunaka Valley Park Fix it group photo credit to Greg Morgan (cropped)

Although, with the high density of housing in East Anchorage it is important to develop and grow our community parks for our kids to have a safe place to play. Over the years I have worked with neighbors, community councils and the Anchorage Park Foundation to improve many parks in our area including:

  • Ira Walker Park Fix It.bill & willow.croppedRussian Jack Springs Park – Over the past six years I have added just about $1.5 million in the capital budget for upgrades and new amenities to improve the park. Some of the upgrades include: new playground equipment, a safer park entry and new parking lot, enhanced the picnic and play areas, and a new lighted multi-use trail. Additional pedestrian amenities, trail improvements and signage have also been updated.
  • Davis Park – $225,000 was provided to renovate three ball fields used by the little league service the Mountain View Community and Polar Little League.
  • Skatepark in Northeast Anchorage – $250,000
  • Community Gardens – I worked to add funding and break through a bureaucratic stranglehold so that we could build a community garden near the intersection of  Bragaw and the Glenn Highway.  We also added funding for a trail to the popular McPhee Community Gardens.
  • Vandalism Prevention for Mountain View and Russian Jack Park – $50,000
  • Plan, design and construct the Muldoon Community Park – $1.1 millionBill cutting the ribbon at Lyons Park
  • Nunaka Valley Park – Facility improvement plan and renovations  – $92,000
  • Cheney Lake Park – Improvements including trail updates, replace broken picnic tables, benches and other equipment – $24,700
  • Creekside Park – Improvements identified by the community that included fixing playground equipment and picnic tables, remove graffiti, replace nets on tennis court and cleaning the picnic shelter – $10,000
  • Ira Walker Park Improvements – Upgrades to identified safety problems with the playground equipment, remove graffiti and additional educational information -$108,000
  • William B Lyons Park – Improvements were made with community volunteers and a capital grant to upgrade the play area that sits next to the Mountain View Boys & Girls Club – $193,200
  • Dave Rose Park – Field upgrades – $7,500
  • Centennial Park – Upgrade the park – $500,000
  • Valley Street Park – Added funding to improve the trail and clean up the creek and park

East Anchorage Parks

Valley Street Park (13)East Anchorage is home to many neighborhood parks which is essential to connect a community and provide kids a safe place to play. With the support of neighbors, the Anchorage Park Foundation, Parks & Recreation and local non-profits we can continue to improve these central community spaces. To find a park near you visit the Park Directory or you can download a mobile app on your cell phone.

The Youth Employment in Park (YEP) is a thriving program offered through the Anchorage Park Foundation which hires teens to complete park improvement projects which include trail building, forestry, waterway restoration and urban park asset improvement. The program utilizes civics, education, healthy recreation opportunities and mentorship to install a strong public park. Click here to read more and find out about additional programs and opportunities.

Park Clean-ups and Maintenance

russian jackEach year the Anchorage Park Foundation coordinates Neighborhood Park Fix-Its with community volunteers who contribute their talent and energy to improving neighborhood parks. The Foundation works with community council committees and neighbors to prioritize the fix-its to ensure that funds be used to meet community needs. Through support of legislative grants, the Rasmuson Foundation and volunteers we accomplished great strides to improving our parks. In 2012, the Foundation had 250 volunteers and 750 volunteer hours to improve 8 neighborhood parks in Anchorage, including Nunaka Valley North and Windsong Parks. For more information on how to get involved please visit the Anchorage Park Foundation.

If you see a park maintenance emergency please call the Municipality Parks 343-4554. To learn more about park maintenance and care you can visit the Parks Maintenance homepage.

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