Roads and Transportation

 Bill at Glenn HwyGlenn/Muldoon Interchange – $15.45 million. This Interchange has become increasingly dangerous and congested with traffic from the combination of the new shopping center at Tikahtnu Commons, the VA clinic, access to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson and Bartlett High School.  Traffic is consistently backed up on to the highway and continues to be a safety concern for pedestrians and students attending Bartlett High School.  The funding provided will help develop a design and partial funding to get the project started.

DOT Drive Around 2011 (2)Traffic Calming – $750,000 to construct traffic calming and safety improvements throughout East Anchorage neighborhoods. I have met with the Mayor’s office on multiple occasions to continue advocating for the use of these funds to improve the safety for many areas in East Anchorage. The Municipality is required by the terms of the grants to work with the community councils to identify projects and bring forward proposals.

Duben Street (Patterson St East to Muldoon Road) – $3 million to study, design and upgrade to include a new road base, curbs, pavement, drainage, lighting and pedestrian facilities. Duben Street has never been constructed to standards.

Duben Street upgrades (Muldoon to Bolin) – $3 million for improvements to include a new road base, curbs, pavement, storm drainage, pedestrian facilities and landscaping.

SAM_0894Muldoon Road at Duben Street Pedestrian Safety – $800,000 to construct pedestrian safety improvements at this intersection. Historically, this intersection is ranked 14th most dangerous in Anchorage for pedestrians/bicycle crashes and ranked 9 out of 319 in the Anchorage Pedestrian Plan.

Foothills East Subdivision Area Street Reconstruction – $2 million. The streets in this neighborhood suffer from the lack of proper drainage. The road base has deteriorated to the point that it must be reconstructed as evidence by severe frost heaving, cracking and pot holes. This funding provided will design, plan and reconstruct the streets and other improvements including storm drainage system with curb and gutter, street lighting, landscaping and pedestrian facilities.

Mountain View Drive and McCarrey Street Intersection Safety – $1.1 million. This project will design and construct safety improvements at this intersection. Improvements are expected to include pedestrian crossings, a signal or roundabout, and adjoining pedestrian facilities.

SAM_0868Residential Pavement Rehabilitation – Mountain View and Muldoon Areas – $3 million. This project funds new road projects throughout the East Anchorage area. Project priorities will be established by the Municipality Street Maintenance with input from elected officials and the public. Projects to be funded are primarily local roads with some trail updates anticipated.

Intersection Improvements Study – Caribou and Boniface – $100,000 to study improvements at the Caribou and Boniface intersection with the intent of improving capacity and safety.

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